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I am a licensed occupational therapist (OT) and a holistic pain relief specialist located in Castle Rock, Colorado. In order to help you eliminate pain, I use a combination of hands-on body work:  myofascial release (MFR) and microcurrent point stimulation (MPS).  These modalities provide pain relief, stress relief, and increased freedom of movement -- all of which allow you to better participate in your daily activities.

I became an OT because of my desire to help people live their lives to the fullest and to increase independence. After years of working in traditional healthcare settings it became frustrating to see the limitations and failures of traditional therapy, the constant referrals for surgery and the endless prescription of medications to relieve chronic pain and other conditions. My frustrations led me to search for and learn the the most effective pain relief methods.


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Release Your Tension

What Can Release Your Tension Do For You?

Brain Injury & Concussion

Improve your cognitive functioning and reduced symptoms through stress reduction and autonomic nervous system regulation. Stress and cortisol (stress hormone), are directly linked to concussions, diminished brain health and poor cognitive functioning. Learn More >>

Physical Performance

Release your fascia beyond the ability of any foam roller or massage. Experience improved range of motion, ease of movement and overall physical and athletic performance.

Stress & Relaxation

Decrease your cortisol hormone levels and stress, and to put your body in a state of calm and deep relaxation.

Pain Relief

Get relief from your acute or chronic pain. Release beta-endorphines, your body's natural pain killers. Learn More >>

Immune System & Fatigue

Improve your circulation, regulate your nervous system, increase production of ATP (cell energy) and cell production balancing your body and improving metabolism.

Scar Tissue Release

MPS releases scar tissue and fascial restrictions, reduces stress and pain, improves range of motion, quality of movement, and appearance of scars. Learn More >>

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